Best Indoor Practice Nets

Sometimes, you just can’t get to the golf course. Obviously, you would love to be at the course either practicing or playing as much as possible – but real life tends to get in the way from time to time. Unless you are a professional golfer, you have a job to worry about, and you may have family obligations which take some of your time as well. In other words, you can’t plan your schedule around practicing golf all day, every day.

With that in mind, it is a good idea to find another way to practice when you aren’t at the course. Thinking about practice away from the course naturally leads to the topic of indoor practice nets. By putting up a net somewhere in your home (the garage is a popular spot), you can make swings even while you are nowhere near a golf facility. Of course, you will need to have plenty of room at home in order to make swings, so do some measuring and testing before you order a net of your own.

Some golfers mistakenly believe that they shouldn’t bother with getting a net for home, since they aren’t going to be able to see the ball fly into the distance as they could at the range. While it is nice to watch the ball fly, there are still plenty of benefits to having your own net at home. The simple repetition of making swing after swing will do good things for your performance from a consistency standpoint, and you will be building up your ‘golf muscles’ as well. Make no mistake – hitting balls into a net isn’t quite as productive as practicing at the range, but it is a very nice alternative.

If you have decided that you are in the market for an indoor golf net, check out the models below.


The Net Return Pro Series Multi Sport Net


To start off our list, we are going to do it right – by taking a look at one of the top options on the market today. The Net Return Pro Series is a high end product that comes with a pretty significant price tag, but it also has plenty of features which can help you play the best golf of your life. The design of this net, as the name would indicate, encourages the ball to come back right to you for another swing. Also, it is easily assembled in just a few minutes, so you don’t have to waste all of your valuable practice time putting up and taking down this product.

Of course, you will need to have significant space available to use this net at home. It is 7.5’ tall and a full 8’ wide, so make sure you have the right area set aside for your practice before you choose this product. Also, a hitting mat is not included with the purchase, so you will need to acquire that piece of practice gear as well before you can get started.


Made for use indoors as well as outdoors, this net is extremely versatile. Furthermore, the net can be transported in a duffle bag and only weighs 28 pounds. On Amazon, 89% of reviews on this product are 5 stars, which is extremely good. A few people note issues after long use of the net with holes arising in the net itself from constant ball striking. As previously mentioned, there is no net with this product, and that is a major hassle. If you use the net in your yard, you will have to find a level hitting surface as well as alternate hitting locations. Each one will get tremendous wear and tear as you proceed, so to avoid longterm damage, you will have to move.

  • Only 28lbs.
  • Automatically returns balls to you
  • May be used for other sports (baseball, soccer, etc.)
  • Does NOT include mat
  • 7′ 6″ tall, 8′ wide and 3′ 6″ deep

Most reviews seem extremely positive about the set-up and take down of the net. This is quite important as many nets cause users hassle and a lack of reliability for setting up. This net is certainly not a bargain, but the consensus from users is that the product is worth the price.

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SKLZ Quickster Golf Net with Target


For a less-expensive option that will still get the job done, take a look at the SKLZ Quickster Golf Net with Target. This is a product that can be used both inside and outside, depending on your needs and preferences. The ‘quickster’ name would indicate a fast put-up and take-down time, and that is exactly what you should expect. Once you get the hang of how to set up this net, it should take barely more than a minute to prepare for use. If you are going to be using this net indoors, you will most likely want to acquire some soft golf balls to avoid doing damage to your property as the result of an errant swing.

If space is a concern for you when purchasing a net for home use, this is a model to keep in mind. While it will still take up a fair bit of indoor space, it is not as expansive as some of the other models on the market. Of course, this means that it may not catch as many shots (depending on your skill level), so think carefully about your own personal needs. Also, this is a great option for kids if you would like to give them some practice time as well.

Another perk of the net is it is adjustable to be positioned for either full swing or pitching work. That is a rare perk with nets. Only 67% of reviews on Amazon are 5 stars which is a little concerning. One fault people cite is if the wind is being used in the wind, the netting is a little flimsy and will bend with the wind. Over time that may cause wear and tear to the net. That being said, if you are not in the wind often, the slack in the net may be a perk for you since it deters the ball from bouncing back at you. Despite potential blowing in the wind, reviewers seem confident in the net’s strength when it comes to handling various clubs. Numerous reviews cite the successful use of clubs ranging from irons to their drivers.

  • Set-up takes 90 seconds
  • Can withstand up to 175mph swing speeds
  • Comes with easy to use travel bag

Overall users seem quite satisfied with this option. If you are looking to save a few dollars, but find a net that is flexible and easy to store/set-up, this could be a very good option for you.

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IZZO The Giant Hitting Net


The IZZO brand name is one that is well known to golfers, as they offer a variety of products and accessories. In this case, their offering is an indoor/outdoor hitting net that includes a huge opening to catch all but the wildest shots. Impressively, this model is a full 10’ wide, which is 2’ wider than the first net on our list (which was pretty big in its own right). Also, this net is 8’ tall, which means one thing – you are going to need a significant indoor space to set this net up for practice sessions.

In addition to its large dimensions, this is a product that has been built to last through the use of quality materials. Also, it can be folded up and put away relatively easily, so if you don’t want to leave the net out all the time, you won’t have much of a problem putting it in storage. The ability to use this net both inside and outside is another nice bonus, as you will be able to decide where you would like to practice on any given day.

  • Tri-poled shape provides optimal hitting area and easy set up/take down
  • Hitting Area: 6.5′ high x 7′ wide
  • Premium mesh netting engineered and tested to be the strongest in golf
  • Includes nylon carry bag and metal ground stakes
  • For Indoor or Outdoor use

The average review for this product is 4 stars, which is not the best. Numerous reviews stress a difficulty in putting the net together. Once it is set-up most reviews are quite positive on the strength of the netting. Another problem many users cite is being required to fully disassemble the net each time they wish to store it. Considering the set-up can cause issues, this is not promising if you need frequent storage.

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When you get ready to place an order for a practice net, there are a couple of specific points to keep in mind. Obviously, the size of the net if the first important consideration to make. If the net is too big for your home, or too small for your purposes, it will be useless to you. Figure out exactly how large you would like your net to be, and then pick out the appropriate model on sale today (possibly one of the three listed above).

Another point to consider is the strength of the net and its durability over time. Hitting golf shots can put quite the strain on a net, so you will want to make sure to buy a high-quality product if you are a powerful player with a big swing. Even if you don’t regularly blast the ball 300 yards down the fairway, you can still do some damage to a net when you hit one just right.

There is no doubt that an at-home net, such as one of the three on our list, can help you play better. Between the repetitions that you will get to ingrain your technique and the muscles you will build, you can look forward to an improved golf future thanks to this one purchase. Have fun shopping and play well!


Best Tools for Indoor Putting Practice

You know what they say – ‘Drive for show, putt for dough’. There really isn’t any doubt about the importance of putting in the game of golf. If you want to shoot low scores, you have to putt well – it’s just that simple. Even at the top of the game, where all of the players have incredible skills, it is often the putter that separates the winner from the rest of the field. If you would like to lower your average score, there is one thing that you need to do above all else – make more putts.

With that in mind, it would be great to get as much putting practice as possible. Of course, you have other commitments in your life, so you can’t simply spend all day, every day at the golf course working on your stroke. However, with the right pieces of equipment on your side, you can squeeze in some quality putting practice even when you aren’t at the course.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best tools on the market today for indoor putting practice. By adding just one or two of these pieces to your golf collection, you can set yourself on a path toward making more putts in the very near future.


SKLZ Accelerator Pro Golf Putting Mat


The first piece of indoor putting practice equipment that you should look for is a putting mat, such as this model from SKLZ. While you might be able to putt on the carpet or wood floors in your home, that will never quite be the same as using a mat that has been specifically designed for this purpose. With this SKLZ mat, you will get a fast and true roll, similar to what you would experience out on the course (on a course with good greens, at least).

This specific mat has a couple of features which allow it to stand out from some of the other options on the market. One nice feature is the ball return that comes down the side of the mat, meaning you won’t have to go walking after your golf balls after each set of putts. Not only does the ball return save the effort of going to retrieve, but it also saves you time – meaning you will be able to fit more practice putts into your session.

The other nice feature included in this mat is the set of marking lines that have been placed on the artificial surface. These lines will help you to get your putter square at address, a key fundamental for anyone hoping to make more putts. You will be surprised at how many more putts you can make just by getting lined up correctly, and this mat will help you do exactly that. By adding this putting accessory to your home or office, you will be able to hit as many practice putts as you would like each day – and you will likely see improved results on the course in short order.

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JEF World of Golf Automatic Putting Cup


Do you already have a surface in your home or office that is suitable for putting? If so, you may only need a target – which is where this next product comes in handy. The JEF World of Golf Automatic Putting Cup will send the ball rolling back to you after each made putt. This is a tool that is not only helpful in your practice, but it is a bit of fun at the same time – there is something satisfying about seeing the ball shoot back to you after rolling it right into the middle of the cup. Since this unit is battery powered, there is no need to drag a cord across the room for power – simply set it up wherever you would like and start putting.

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Golf Putting Alignment Mirror Training Aid


This is a putting practice tool that you can use indoors at home and you can take it out to the course as well for practice on a real green. The Golf Putting Alignment Mirror Training aid from B&T Golf is a great way to check on your positions both before and during the stroke. Before you start your stroke, you want to make sure your head and eyes are positioned nicely over the ball – which is a simple job thanks to the mirror finish on the top of the training aid. Also, there are plenty of alignment lines all over the product, making it easy to set your putter square to the target line each time.

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TPK Golf Training Aid Putting Stick


This unique tool is another putting aid that can be used both inside and outside. If you feel like you struggle to strike the ball cleanly on a consistent basis with your putter, this is an aid that is worth a closer look. By forcing you to roll the ball along a thin stick, this training aid doesn’t let you get away with any kind of miss-hit – either you strike the putt cleanly with a square face, or the ball will quickly fall off track and you will realize your mistake.

In addition to the putting track that demands impressive accuracy, there is also mirror to help with alignment and a backswing stop to teach you distance control. There aren’t many putting aids on the market with the number of different features that are included with this item, and that fact alone makes it worthy of your attention.

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SKLZ Perfect Plane Putting Stroke Training Board


The last item on our list is another offering from SKLZ, and this one is designed to teach you the perfect plane for the swing of your putter as it moves back and through the shot. Swinging the putter on the proper path is crucial for the consistency of your stroke, as using a good path will make it far easier to hit the target line time after time.

Also included with this product are tee-hole positions which can be used to stop both the back and forward motion of your stroke. Depending on the length of putt at hand, you can use these tee-hole positions to adjust your stroke length and master your distance control from a variety of ranges. It is easy to use this device with any putter, and you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

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Any of the five tools included above should be able to help you make more putts – provided you put in the necessary practice time while paying attention to the fundamentals. Remember, no training aid is going to make you a better putter automatically. All improvements will require focus on the basics, while using the tool you select to help point you in the right direction. Good luck and here’s to lower scores!


Best Golf Training Aids

Natural talent can only take you so far in sport and golf is certainly no exception. Even if you are not the most talented golfer in the world, regular practice can help to improve your game immeasurably. In this article, we will look at a number of golf training aids available on the market that will enhance every area of your golf game, from tee to green.


Izzo Smooth Swing Trainer

Nothing is more important in the game of golf than your swing. The Izzo Smooth Swing Trainer helps to improve the essential elements of your swing, keeping your body and arms together and in sync. This helps ensure that your swing is far more efficient and that your tempo is correct which results in greater distance and accuracy.  Not only that, but it also helps produce a more consistent takeaway and a far larger extension for both your backswing and follow through. Best of all, it is cheap, portable and allows you to practice your swing anywhere.

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SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer


This simple trainer not only will help to improve your swing but it will develop all the core muscles you use while playing golf, an excellent way to remain “golf” fit even if you are not getting out on the course. If you have a problem with slicing, the Gold Flex is for you, helping to flatten your swing plane and using your lower body to start the all-important downswing, ensuring everything remains on course. Easily carried in your golf bag, the Gold Flex is also an excellent way to get your swing in the groove before the start of your round.

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Molor Flatball Golf Swing Training Aid

molar flat ball

A very different, yet effective golf swing training aid, the Molor Flatball is a small rubber disk that is the same diameter as a golf ball but flatter. In fact, it only stands ¼ of an inch high off the ground. The idea behind this swing aid is to practice hitting it consistently. Because it is lower than a golf ball, this can be tough, especially if you have the incorrect swing plane. Once you begin hitting it consistently, you can be sure that your days of hitting a ball too fat or too thin are over. Due to its soft rubber construction, the Flatball can be used indoors as well without the fear of damaging anything.

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SKLZ Pure Path Swing Trainer


The SKLZ Pure Path Swing Trainer needs to be anchored in the ground outside, but you will require no practice net. This sturdily constructed swing trainer helps to give you feedback regarding your golf swing, effectively helping to eliminate pulls, slices, hooks and pushes, all swing problems that take meters off your overall distance. Using a real ball, you can use any club in your bag with the Pure Path Swing trainer, from woods to wedges.

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SKLZ Smash Bag Impact Trainer


A bag made from PVC and nylon, the smash bag impact trainer is all about feel. It aims to teach you how it feels when you hit a golf ball correctly, thereby helping to eliminate fat or thin shots right out of your game. A target map also provides important visual cues with regard to both the accuracy of each swing as well as the overall quality of the impact. The great thing about the Smash Bag is that it can be taken anywhere, or even used indoors.

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Putter Wheel Golf Trainer


This unique putting trainer helps improve putting immeasurably. You know what they say “You drive for show, but you put for dough.” This system uses a two stripe alignment template which helps to improve body alignment over the ball ensuring you are standing neither too far nor too close when addressing your put. Furthermore, it helps to keep your eyes directly over the ball. Lastly, the putter wheel helps to increase any error you may have made, helping you to understand where you went wrong.

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The beauty of these golf training aids is that there is something for any part of your game that you may be struggling with, be it putting, your swing or ball striking. Many of them are simple tools that can be carried with you in your golf bag. Some can even be used at home, meaning you can practice with any free time you may have. Remember, practice makes perfect!


13 Great Gifts for Golfers

Picking the perfect gift for a friend, family member, or loved one can be a challenging task. However, if that person is a golfer, you are in luck. There is a multitude of gifts for golfers on the market and here are a collection of gifts golfers are sure to love.

The golf gift you choose will largely depend on the amount you want to spend. The good news is, there are very inexpensive options available like balls and books, all the way up to high-end gifts like equipment and technology. All that’s required on your part is to decide how much you want to spend and then look for a gift in that price range. Here are some ideas to get you headed in the right direction.

Tees and Dozen Balls

Of course, a golfer is always in need of a set of golf balls and Titleist Pro V1 balls are considered amongst the best available. These balls are known being softer which can help a player’s golf game by giving him or her more control and more short game spin.

Tees, although an important part of golf, are more of personal preference. You can pick a set of tees in your gift recipient’s favorite color or another theme associated with their personality. These have a habit of going missing, so any golfer will be happy to get a fresh supply.

See our list of the best golf balls for beginners here.

Stance Socks


An 18-hole round of golf can often take up to four hours to complete. During this time, golfers will spend a lot of time on their feet and while the proper golfing shoes are important, having the right socks is also something to consider. Stance socks not only provide all the comfort you will ever need, but they also pay homage to perhaps one of the greatest golfing films ever, Caddyshack. Furthermore, they include a cuff that self-adjusts, a padded and reinforced heel and toe which cushion the foot while remaining extremely durable, and an elastic arch to ensure a golfer’s feet will remain fresh and pain-free at the end of a long round. Your golfing loved one will thank you for years to come and they will look good out on the course.

How I Play Golf by Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods How I play Golf

First rate book by a first class golfer. Tiger Woods is the reason why I love golf, so of course I had to buy this book. It has become my bible. Highly recommend for any golfer.

Although injuries have led to Tiger struggling in recent years, he is, without a doubt, one of the greatest golfers of all time. In his prime, Woods dominated golf courses around the world and had a legion of fans. Why not give the golfer in your life lessons from one of the greatest? Consider his book which shares his secrets about how he plays. This book is intended to help any golfer improve their game, no matter what their handicap. It covers all aspects out on the course, from driving to approach play, as well as chipping and of course, putting. Not only does Woods offer excellent advice, but he shares practical exercises that can be used to improve one’s golf game.

G Fore Golf Glove


Golf gloves are a relatively inexpensive gift and a piece of equipment needed by all golfers. Gloves by G Fore come in a variety of colors and deliver unprecedented comfort while remaining at the forefront of current golfing style trends. These gloves are precision cut, ensuring a comfortable fit, and excellent quality. A number of pros on the PGA and European Tour wear G Fore, including Ricky Bards, Alex Cejka, and Robert Rock. Your golfing friend will be reminded of you every time they pull out their stylish glove that helps to comfortably protect their hand.

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf


The best golf advice I’ve ever received was, “read this book.” Hogan’s lessons are timeless. They are delivered easily enough for any rookie or old-timer to utilize on every stroke. Each lesson builds on the previous one so that on each approach, you’ll find yourself quickly going through each one. Read this book…it’s way better than listening to “you lifted your head” for the rest of your life.

Acknowledged as one of the greatest players to have ever played the game, Ben Hogan is also remembered for his incredible ball striking as well as an in-depth knowledge of swing theory. This book is considered a “must-have” by many golfers, and it is easy to see why as it has over 1 million copies in print. The Modern Fundamentals of Golf will help to improve any golfer’s game. It does this by highlighting a number of critical areas a golfer should focus on. Not only does the book contain relevant theory, but illustrations help to backup all points. Any dedicated golfer will be thankful to get their hands on the tips in this book.


Although not often thought of or considered as a gift, a golfing lesson is a great idea for that golfer in your life, especially if they have just started out in the sport. Lessons come in a range of different options, including those at a golf course with the resident pro, lessons from PGA pros, or even a lesson at your local driving range. Gifting a lesson is a great gift that keeps on giving. The golfer in your life can learn something new, focus on improving a particular part of their game, and gain knowledge to become a better overall golfer.

Laser Range Finder


Many golfers are making use of modern technology to help improve their game. One such gadget often utilized is a laser rangefinder. This can be used to find the exact range left to the pin after a tee shot. It is imperative in helping to make sure the golfer selects the best club to get them close to the pin and in that way, ensures better scores. Not every golfer loves gadgets though, with many wanting a more traditional approach to golf. When deciding on whether a rangefinder will be a great gift option, consider how much of a techie your gift recipient is. If they have all the latest gadgets, chances are, this will be the perfect gift-if they don’t have one already!

See our buying guide on golf rangefinders.

GPS Golf Watch

If an additional device in a golf bag seems extreme, there are other ways to determine distances on a golf course. One such option is a specialized GPS golf watch. Over and above the regular features of a modern watch, it uses GPS positioning to determine distances on a golf course, specifically to the front, center, and the rear of all greens. In fact, these watches can often be programmed to include a range of golf courses.  Many of these include other helpful tools too such as pedometers, odometers, and calorie tracking. See the top 5 for 2016 above.

Indoor Putting Green

Indoor putting greens are a great gift for any golfer. Much of a golfer’s success out on the course revolves around putting and an indoor green is a simple, yet effective, way to allow someone to practice this crucial part of their golf game. Putting greens come in a number of different configurations, from smaller flat versions with a straight away to large intricate ones with different slope variations. These greens are incredibly easy to setup and lightweight, which makes them easy to take to the office or to move around the home. Golf lovers will appreciate this gift which brings their hobby into their home.

See our buying guide on indoor putting tools.

Home Range System

The other important aspect of any golfer’s game is their swing. Up until a few years ago, in order to practice correctly, golfers would have to take a trip to their local driving range. Luckily, with the advent of home range systems or practice nets, any golfer can now practice their swing in the back yard. Much like indoor putting greens, these practice nets come in a range of configurations and a wide range of prices. With regular practice, a golfer can improve their game without leaving home and will have you to thank.

See our guide on buying indoor practice nets.

Arnold Palmers and Sunflower Seeds

One of the most important aspects of any golf round is a trip to the 19th hole for some reflection and refreshments afterward. That does not mean that hydration is not critical out on the course though, especially on a hot day. If you have a relatively small budget for the gift, this ice-tea and lemonade is a perfect gift. It even carries the name of another legendary golfer, Arnold Palmer. Learn more about the origin of the Arnold Palmer above. If you go this route, be sure to throw a bag of sunflower seeds in too for snacking on the course.

Orange Whip

A relatively inexpensive swing trainer, the Orange Whip, makes use of a flexible shaft as well as a counterweight system to help golfers formulate as natural a swing as possible. It does this by helping to not only provide a golfer with a core muscle workout but contributes to improving the balance and rhythm of their golf swing.  In fact, the PGA has voted the Orange Whip as one of the more efficient training aids available. It is also an excellent way for a golfer to warm up before hitting the course or driving range.

Lightweight Golf Jacket

If you are unsure what golfing gear, equipment or gadget to buy, why not consider some clothing like a jacket for instance? As most golf rounds take up to four hours, weather conditions can change over that period. Most golfers prefer to have a lightweight, weatherproof jacket as part of their gear, something that they can take off or put on relatively quickly and more importantly that does not take up too much storage space. A jacket like the one featured above is sure to come in handy when it gets windy or rainy out on the course.


There you have a collection of the most popular, trending, and useful golf gifts available on the market today. As we said, there is something for every golfer and every budget, from golf balls, books, and Arnold Palmers, to GPS golf watches, PGA golf lessons, and a home range net. You are sure to find something here the golfer in your life will love.



Golf Babe: Cheyenne Woods

Golf Babe: Cheyenne Woods

Golf Babe: Cheyenne Woods is Tiger Woods’ niece. Not only is she a total babe, but she can golf really well.



Always working to be better ?? Thank you @KPMGwomenspga for a first class event this week! #NikeGolf #LPGA #KPMGwomenspga

A photo posted by Cheyenne Woods (@cheyenne_woods) on

Missed the cut by two this week at the Evian Championship. Not my best performance, but I’ll be back!

A photo posted by Cheyenne Woods (@cheyenne_woods) on


The Most Popular Golf Courses in Las Vegas

The Most Popular Golf Courses in Las Vegas


You don’t need to be a Las Vegas high roller to play quality golf courses during your next Vegas vacation.  Los Prados Golf and Country Club boasts a picturesque layout at a reasonable price.  18 holes cost $28 – $45 and twilight rates begin at 2:30 p.m., setting players back only $20.

Short Track

Tucked away in the Los Prados Community in the northwest corner of the Las Vegas Valley, Los Prados Golf and Country Club is a hidden gem less than 30 minutes from the strip.  Los Prados plays to a par 70 and is a short track, measuring just 5,450 yards from the Championship tees.  This allows the pace of play to be just under 4 hours.  What Los Prados lacks in length, it makes up for with tight fairways and slick greens.  Due to its length, players hitting their driver accurately can have wedges into many greens, but you may want to leave the driver in the bag.  Los Prados has some interesting holes with fairly tight fairways, making club selection off the tee something to consider a bit more than on longer and open courses.

Know Your Yardage

Leave your distance finder at home, all the carts at Los Prados Golf and Country Club are equipped with GPS that tell your exact yardage.  The course rating is 64.8 for men playing from the championship tees and the slope is 103.  It’s a wonderful golf experience and offers something for all skill levels.



Are you looking for a relaxing day on a quality desert golf environment without breaking the bank?  Consider making the 30 minute drive from the strip to Boulder City Golf Course.  Residents pay $25 – $35, including a golf cart, but if you are coming from out of town get ready to pay $51.  Here’s the good news: twilight rates cost residents $20 and non-residents $21 – and start after 1 p.m.  That’s hard to beat.

Traditional & Open Layout

Created in 1973, and designed by Billy Casper and David Rainville, Boulder City Golf Course has a traditional open layout featuring beautiful tree-lined fairways and gorgeous mountain views.  Boulder City Golf Course is well-maintained providing putting surfaces that are fast and true.  With rough that is a little thick, players will be challenged by missing fairways, and here are also several water features, but they only come into play a handful of times.

A Fair Challenge for all Skill Levels

Boulder City is a par 72, playing at 6,542 yards from the blue tees.  Men also have the option to play the white tees, which is more than 400 yards shorter.  The course rating is 70.7 for men playing from the back tees and the slope is 123.  Not too difficult, but offers enough challenges from tee to green.  A stroll around Boulder City Golf Course will take no more than 4 ½ hours for the average player.  Be aware that carts are optional, which can slow down pace of play, but you can’t ask for much more from a municipal golf course.



Want to get away from the bright lights and glitz of the Vegas strip?  Escape to Desert Pines Golf Club, 5 minutes off the strip, and enjoy more than 4,000 majestic pine trees lining the fairways, bringing an almost Carolina feel to the desert.  Depending on when you tee off, non-residents will pay about $89 – $142.  Residents of Clark County get a significant break and can find times to play for as little as $31.

Desert Pines plays to a par 71 and is 6,810 yards from the tips.  The course rating from the back tees is 70.6 and the slope is 125.  Players also have the option to play either the middle or forward tees that shorten the course tee to green to 6,494 and 5,873 yards.  Desert Pines Golf Club is a Dye-designed course featuring large, undulating bent grass greens designed after those at Augusta National Golf Club.  There are no forced carries at Desert Pines, but water comes into play throughout the course adding additional challenges and excitement to your round.

Practice Center

Work on your game before the round at Desert Pines’ climate controlled, two-tiered covered driving range spanning more than 50 hitting stations.

Surf the Earth

Desert Pines offers players a different way to get around the golf course.  You can walk, ride or surf!  As a way to reduce turf wear, increase pace of play, and add a new dimension of fun, Desert Pines has GolfBoards, where solo riders stand upright and choose between two speeds.  Low speed is a gentle 5 mph and high speed offers riders a maximum of 10 mph.  According to Golf Digest, “If every golf course offered GolfBoards, golf would be the most popular sport in the world.”  Have fun!



Boulder Creek Golf Club

Boulder Creek Golf Club truly has something for all golfers.  It offers three 9-hole courses (Desert Hawk, Coyote Run and Eldorado Valley) and six teeing grounds stretching from 4,900 to 7,480.  From the tips, the rating is a challenging 75.8 with a slope of 142.

Golf carts come with ball/club washers and GPS to give exact yardage tee to green.  In addition, all sprinkler heads are measured to the center of the green giving players plenty of information to make informed club selections, but make sure you grab a yardage guide booklet in the pro shop.  You’ll be happy you did – it’s incredibly helpful if you want to navigate all of the arroyos and desert waste areas.  Non-residents can find reasonable rates around $40, and residents can play for as low as $25.

Now let’s take a closer look at each one of the three 9-hole courses that make up Boulder Creek Golf Club.

Desert Hawk

The most scenic of the three 9-hole courses, Desert Hawk takes players through a rolling terrain and tremendous water features on the first and final holes.

Coyote Run

Coyote Run is arguably the most difficult of the three 9-hole courses at Boulder Creek.  It hosts two par 5’s playing at 579 and 635 yards respectively.  You’ll want to pay close attention to your yardage guide on Coyote Run’s final hole.  A big drive can clear the water, but it may not be worth the risk if you are forced to layup on your approach shot.

Eldorado Valley

Eldorado Valley is the most recent addition to Boulder Creek and its layout is similar to the original 18.  What sets it apart is all of the desert wildflowers and natural growth, but keep your head on a swivel while playing Eldorado Valley.  It’s built nearby an air strip that specializes in parachuting.  You will likely see groups floating down to earth near the course.



Chimera Golf Club

Chimera Golf Club at Tuscany offers players three teeing stations, Pegasus, Serpent, and Goat.  From Pegasus, or the tips, players are looking at a par 72 playing at 6,906 yards with a 72.4 rating and a challenging 132 slope.  Henderson County residents will pay $20 to $65.  Non-residents can expect a higher bill, anywhere from $45 to $128.

Player Friendly Layout

Chimera Golf Club is known for its player friendly layout, but don’t mistake “player friendly” with easy.  Chimera is beautifully landscaped with a unique blend of palms and pine trees.  Although the wide fairways provide easier landing areas off the tee, the greens are well protected by arroyos and bunkers that make for challenging approach shots.  For the aggressive and longer players, a number of short par fours allow for a few eagle opportunities if you’re willing to take on deep bunkers, water and cut the corner on the occasional dogleg.

Picturesque Views

Designed in 2003, Chimera Golf Club is a quick 25-30 minute drive from the Las Vegas strip.  Chimera is nestled into the foothills of the Southern Nevada Mountains, boasting pristine conditions and unobstructed views of the Las Vegas skyline, strip and snow-capped Mt. Charleston.    


Highland Falls Golf Course

Highland Falls Golf Course is one of the three 18-hole courses in the Sun City Golf Complex located in the North Las Vegas’ Summerlin community.  Designed by Billy Casper and Greg Nash, Highland Falls offers unrivaled panoramic views of the Las Vegas Valley, the strip and distant mountain ranges because it lies at an elevation of more than 3,000 feet.

It plays to a par of 72, has a 70.1 course rating, 119 slope and measures 6,512 yards from the championship tees.  Prices at Highland Falls vary, but non-residents can expect to pay $35 to $89.  Residents will be charged anywhere from $30 to $62 depending on when you tee off.

Rolling Hills

Rolling hills and elevation changes throughout Highland Falls offer many risk-taking shot opportunities.  Manicured fairways and medium sized greens without much undulation provide players with many makeable putts.  However, the greens are well protected and require precise iron places on a few of the holes creating challenging scoring opportunities.

Other Amenities  

Thirsty?  You won’t find drinking water on any of the holes, the beverage cart can be hard to come by, and the pro shop/restaurant have been known to close a bit on the early side.

Palm Valley Golf Course

Palm Valley Golf Course is the original course out of the three 18-hole courses in the Sun City Golf Complex located in the North Las Vegas’ Sumerlin community.  Palm Valley shares the other Sun City Golf Complex’s excellent conditions when it comes to its fairways and greens, but its layout has little elevation changes, which makes it extremely walk-able and an ideal challenge for all levels.

The tips play to 6,849 years with a 71.6 rating and slope of 123.  Beginners will be able take advantage of easier tee stations that play at 5,757 with a 66.6 rating and slope of 112.

Scoring Opportunities

Despite being the longest of three courses at Summerlin, Palm Valley has its share of scoring opportunities.  The opening and closing holes at Palm Valley Golf Course stretch out to about 530 yards but are wide open, which allow the possibility for players to get home in two if they play smart shots and avoid the water and bunkers.  The other two par 5’s are medium length holes that players can also take advantage of.

Fair Price

Palm Valley may be the most expensive of the Sun City at Summerlin Golf Complex, but it’s more than fair for this track.  Non-residents will pay $89, but can find rates at $35 later in the day.  Residents will pay anywhere from $62 to $25.50.

Eagle Crest Golf Course

Eagle Crest Golf Course is an executive course and one of the three Billy Casper and Greg Nash designed 18-hole courses in the Sun City Golf Complex located in the North Las Vegas’ Sumerlin community.  Eagle Crest is great for beginners. The course rating is 60.6, plays to a par 60 at 4,067 yards.

Eagle Crest is a 25 minute cab from downtown Las Vegas, offering stunning birds eye views of the strip.

Executive Golf Course

Make no mistake, Eagle Crest is no pitch and putt golf course.  As the executive course at Summerlin, all holes are par 3 or 4’s.  Eagle Crest boasts challenging greens, is one of the nicest executive courses around and is famous for its pace of play.

Good Value

Non-residents will pay $40 for greens tees, but can find deals later in the day as low as $30.  Residents get a small break on the price and will pay about $5 less than non-residents.  If you are looking for a mind blowing golf experience, this isn’t it, but if you want a Billy Casper/Greg Nash design for an affordable price, Palm Valley Golf Course is the right place.

Painted Desert Golf Club

Painted Desert Golf Club is a wonderful test of golf designed by Jay Morrish that consistently rates as one of the best maintained courses in the area.  Painted Desert is a par 72 playing at 6,781 yards with a 71.8 rating and 129 slope.  Located only 15 minutes from the strip, Painted Desert offers competitive prices varying from $20 to $99.

Ushering in Desert Golf

Complex greens, lush fairways and playable desert areas guard meandering fairways.  Simply put, Painted Desert is desert golf at its best.  The par 3’s challenge players shot making and accuracy with holes ranging from 148 to 227 yards, including the 187-yard 8th featuring water running along the entire left side to a raised green.  But Painted Desert prepares its players with GPS on each golf cart, providing accurate measurements to every pin anywhere on the hole.

Elevated Tee Boxes

Elevated tee boxes will give players plenty of different looks with picturesque views of Mt. Charleston, Sheep Mountain and the strip that will not disappoint.  Beware the seemingly open layout.  The lack of trees can deceive and fool aggressive players who want to swing for the fences, but can quickly be asking themselves: “How did I end up out of bounds?”


Las Vegas Golf Club

Feeling nostalgic for the ‘good ole days’ in Las Vegas?  Check out the Las Vegas Golf Club.  Opening in 1938, it’s Clark County’s oldest public course.

Ideal For Beginners

Las Vegas Golf Club features 6,631 yards from the tips, playing to a par 72.  The course rating is 71.8 and has a 117 slope.  It’s not the most challenging test, but the price is right.  The resort rate is $39 to $55 and residents only pay $20 to $33.  The fairways are mostly flat with large and forgiving landing areas that are ideal for beginners.

Traditional Layout

Trees line most fairways at the Las Vegas Golf Club, but leave plenty of recovery for arrant tee shots.  The traditional, player friendly, layout will not challenge scratch golfers but its slightly undulating putting surfaces and simple green complexes allow for relatively simple approach shots.



Evolution the Golf Swing

Evolution the Golf Swing

The evolution the golf swing is a fascinating study. A lot has been made of recent developments in technology such as ball advancement and club advancement, but possibly the unsung hero in the improvement in distance and accuracy on the course may be the way the golf club is swung.

So let’s take a look at the great players over the years and see how they swung that piece of metal towards the little white ball. Are you a Jones or are you a Jordan? Check it out and see if there are some similarities in your game to those of the players throughout the generations. May be you can learn a thing or two from the Golden Bear, or even just want stare in amazement of how Hogan’s beautiful swing has stood the test of time.

Bobby Jones | The Evolution the Golf Swing

Ben Hogan | The Evolution the Golf Swing

Jack Nicklaus | The Evolution the Golf Swing

Nick Faldo | The Evolution the Golf Swing

Tiger Woods | The Evolution the Golf Swing

Rory McIlroy | The Evolution the Golf Swing

Jordan Speith | The Evolution the Golf Swing

The evolution the golf swing is a fascinating study. A lot has been made of recent developments in technology such as ball advancement and club advancement, but possibly the unsung hero in the improvement in distance and accuracy on the course may be the way the golf club is swung.
So let’s take a look at the great players over the years and see how they swung that piece of metal towards the little white ball. Are you a Jones or are you a Jordan? Check it out and see if there are some similarities in your game to those of the players throughout the generations. May be you can learn a thing or two from the Golden Bear, or even just want stare in amazement of how Hogan’s beautiful swing has stood the test of time.

Putting Drills to End 3 Putts

Drive for Show, Putt for Dough. Long drives are nice, but in reality, the majority of strokes take place under 100 yards. You can use a putting aid or try these putting drills to help stop three-putting.


[wpsm_quote author=”Dave Pelz” float=”none” width=”90%”]I’ve studied thousands of golfers, at all skill levels, and found that nearly everybody makes almost every putt from inside two feet. Go a little farther to three feet, and golfers begin to miss (even Tour pros make only 85% to 95% of their three-footers). Step back to five feet and pros hole about 65%, while amateurs, if they’re lucky, are making about 50%. And at six feet, the best in the world, the PGA Tour professionals, sink about 50%, plus or minus 5%. From 10 feet, no one consistently holes better than 25%. And from over 15 feet? One in 10, best case, even for the pros. [/wpsm_quote]


Over half of all strokes are from on the green.  Since PGA Tour players are typically great ball strikers.  The common conception is that Tour Events are essentially putting contests.  The player with the best putting wins the tournament.

If you want to lower your handicap, you need to focus on putting.  Some beginners re-evaluate their equipment or focus on practice aids, but practice is key.

Here are a few putting drills to tighten up your game.

Clock Drill

Clock Drill - Putting Drill

Nothing is worse than missing a “gimmie”.  How many bogies have you walked away with after landing your approach shot 2 feet from the cup?  The clock drill is intended to help get you comfortable with short putts by training you to read the green.

Set up the clock drill by arranging 12 balls, each 2 feet from the cup.  Place one ball at each hour of the clock.  The drill is to go around the clock and read the break.  See if you can get all the way around the clock without missing.

Once you’re comfortable with everything at 2 feet, back the distance of each ball on the clock by a foot until comfortable with 6-foot putts.

Ladder Drill

ladder drill golf putting drill

The ladder drill is intended to work on putting distance control.

Use the ladder putting drill to get comfortable lagging putts to inside your comfort zone.

On the practice green, place 4 tees in the ground in a line in increments of 10 feet.  So you’ll have a tee at 10 feet, 20 feet, 30 feet and 40 feet away.

In this drill, you want to work on controlling the distance of each putt by lagging to each of the tees.  You will first hit a 10 footer, then 20 footer, etc.  Once you hit all four, you putt the opposite direction back to where you were first hit from.

Tiger Woods’ Putting Drill – The Gate Drill

Tiger Woods Putting Drill

Tiger’s gate drill is a great way of working on ensuring the putter head makes its way straight back and through, critical for sinking those short knee-knockers from 3 feet.

Place two tees in the practice green 3 feet away from the hole – one very close to the toe of the putter and one close to the heel of the putter, wide enough so that the putter can pass through but not by much.

Alternate between hitting a dozen putts with only one hand (your dominant hand – right for right-handers, for example), then half a dozen with your usual, two-handed grip. Set yourself a goal of say 50 or 100 putts in a row and start again if you miss one.

This putting drill will improve the line of your putting stroke. If you come through at a bad angle the face of the putter will canon into the tees. As long as your alignment is correct and the putter is coming back and through straight, not much else can stop the ball from going into the cup.

PVC Pipe Challenge Drill

pvc pipe putting drill

The PVC Pipe Challenge is designed to give immediate feedback on whether the face of the putter is coming through the square.

Grab a piece of PVC pipe marginally longer than the face of your putter. Place it on the ground and begin to ‘putt’ the pipe.

If the pipe rolls forward perfectly you know that you have the putter coming through the square. If the putter spins around like a top or veers out to the left or right, you know the putter has struck the pipe off the heel or the toe (depending on the behavior of the pipe).

Make around 20 successful ‘pipe putts’ and you will see a vast improvement on the moss.

Lower Body Anchor Drill

lower body putting drill

This drill is used to improve lower body stabilization during the putting stroke, leading to an improvement in putting consistency.

At home, grab a piece of dowel (an alignment stick will also work) and a bungee cord and strap it to your lower body.

Aiming for nowhere in particular (making putts is not important for the purpose of this drill), go through your putting stroke, focusing on keeping your lower body stationary at all times.

In your peripheral vision, you will see either end of the dowel or alignment stick and whether or not it moves back or forward. If it does move, you’ve got work to do!

Pro tip: If you don’t have an alignment stick or a piece of dowel, get your backside flush against a wall and go through your stroke.

Poker Chip Drill

poker chip putting drill

The Poker Chip Drill is a great way of improving your putting stroke depth and ensuring the ball is hitting the center of the face, not the bottom edge, causing the ball to lift off and bounce across the green instead of rolling towards the cup.

This putting drill is a simple one; simply place a poker chip on the ground and begin to putt it around 20 or so times.

If you swing over the chip it means, in practice, that the bottom edge of the putter will strike the center of the ball and not allow the ball to roll across the putting surface.

The Coin Drill

Making putts is just as much about how you feel standing over the putt as it is your putting stroke. If you’re tentative, it’s likely that your stroke will break down when you need it the most. IF you’re confident, chances are that your stroke will reflect that.

The Coin Drill is all about building confidence on the green. Find a flat spot on the practice green and place a coin a foot away from your ball. Focus on the coin and practice rolling the ball over the coin (don’t worry about a target – this drill is about confidence).

Do this immediate-feedback drill as a warm-up to your putting practice and make 20 ‘roll-overs’ in a row. Your confidence will straight away skyrocket and you’ll notice the difference throughout the remainder of your session and during your round.

The Path Drill

The Path Drill is much like Tiger’s Gate drill in that it attempts to promote a straight back and through putting motion.

Place two clubs parallel to each other on the practice green, not much further apart than the width of your putter head.

Place the ball in the center of the two clubs and proceed to take your putt, focusing on keeping the putter face going straight back and straight through. If you can see your putter breaking the line of the clubs on the ground then you know you haven’t got the face coming through back and straight.

The Tee Backboard Drill

Sometimes when we’re standing over a short putt we try and just dribble the ball into the hole, resulting in the ball losing optimal speed and falling away from the cup if there’s any type of break. Alternatively, we try and overcompensate for the possibility of a weak putt and stroke the ball too firmly, resulting in the dreaded horse-shoe and lip out.

The Tee Backboard drill is designed to get you aiming for the back of the cup and producing a firm (but not too firm stroke).

Place a tee in the back of the cup, directly in the middle line of the hole. Hit short putts with the goal of clipping the tee and letting the ball fall into the cup.

The Pull-Back Pressure Game

This drill is all about replicating the pressure you will feel during your round on the practice green.

Putt from distance from various locations around the practice green and treat every putt as a Par 2 hole. Whenever you miss a putt, take it back three feet (around the length of a standard putter) and try and finish the job.

During this drill, you will NEVER have a putt within 3 feet, so the pressure of making those little knee-knockers that are just more than a gimme is always on.

For added pressure, compete against your golf buddy to see who comes out on top.

The Two Tee Door Drill

This drill is designed to improve your putting from just sinking the putt to sinking the putt with confidence.

Place two tees on the entry to the hole, but place the tees are closer together than the width of the hole. This ensures that for you to make the putt, you will need to hit a good putt, not just merely a decent putt that gets the job done.

The drill will improve your direction and aims to replicate the feeling of when you’re in the middle of a round and the hole feels so much smaller than it actually is.

The Birdie Making Drill

How many times have you been standing over a putt for birdie only to leave it short and be left scrambling for par? The cardinal sin of putting is leaving your birdie putts short, as you’re simply not giving it a chance of dropping in the cup.

This drill aims to trick your senses into thinking you’re putting for a distance two or so feet past your intended target, meaning if you miss the putt, you’ll roll it past around that distance.

Set up on the green and take your practice swing two or three feet directly behind the ball (far enough away so that the ball won’t be hit during your follow-through). Look at the target as you’re taking your practice swing and aim to take the swing as if you were hitting for the hole.

Step up to your putt and replicate the tempo and length of your practice swing stroke. If you replicate it properly, the ball should have enough pace on it to roll past the hole by around two feet if it doesn’t drop in the hole.

Three in a Row Drill

The three in a row drill is designed to improve your touch, feel and ultimately distance control around the greens.

Line up three balls in a row on the practice green in front of you and without looking up try and putt all three balls the same distance. When you putt the third ball, look up and see how well you did. The closer the balls are to each other the better.

This drill encourages a consistent, smooth and easy-to-replicate putting stroke. The ease at which you are able to produce the same putting stroke is the key to distance control.

Glove/Underarm Putting Drill

When trying to sink short putts, a key problem that a lot of people have is moving around too much during the stroke.

The Glove/Underarm drill attempts to minimize unnecessary movement during the putting stroke that is likely to result in a poorer than normal putting action.

Place a glove under each armpit and attempt the putting stroke. Focus on keeping the upper arms anchored to the body and not moving around too much. If they separate from the body the glove will fall.

Practice this drill enough and it will become second nature to you during a round, ensuring you keep good shape on the moss.

The ‘In the Club’ Drill

This drill is particularly good for distance control and lag-putting, punishing putts that end up too far past the hole or leaving the putt short.

Place three clubs around the hole in a horse shoe shape with the end of the two parallel clubs level with the line of the front of the cup.

Drop 5 balls around 13 feet from the cup and try to either make the putt or stop the ball in the area within the three clubs. The scoring works like this:

The aim of the game is to end with a score of zero after your 5 putts.

  • Every time you leave a ball short of the hole, you lose 1 point.
  • Every time you hit a club with the ball, you lose 1 point.
  • Every time you leave the ball in the area within the clubs, you score 0 points.
  • Every time you make a putt, you gain 1 point.

Once you finish a round of 5 putts with a score of 0 or better take the balls back another three feet and try another round.

The Triangle Drill

Particularly for putts inside 10 feet, the biggest problem with missing putts is a lack of putter face control – either it opens or closes at the point of impact.

The triangle putting drill aims to alleviate the possibility of the putter face opening or closing at the point of impact.

Grab yourself the True Pendulum Motion unit or even two alignment sticks and tape the ends of them towards the bottom of the putter shaft. The top of the alignment sticks should be free to make a V shape which sits in your armpits when you’re holding the putter.

Carry on through the putting motion as you normally would. The positioning and anchoring of the alignment sticks will make the manipulating of the putter face almost impossible, ensuring that the putter face will always come through the square.

Practice this a few times during the course of your practice session and you will train your body to get into good habits when making those relatively short putts.

The Follow Through Drill

The Follow Through Drill is an exercise that can be done on the practice green to tighten up the line of your follow-through, ensuring that it goes through straight and towards the target.

Simply set up a putt on a flat part of the green two feet away from the hole. Place the putter behind the ball and only practice the follow-through, i.e. do not bring the putter back.

Let the ball roll along the club face and into the hole. If you are following through straight, the face of the putter should still be facing the hole when the stroke is complete.

Note that this drill can only be done during practice, as the rules of golf only allow the ball to hit the putter once during a stroke.

The Balance Beam Drill

Balance during the putting stroke is a very underrated aspect of making a putt. This drill will give you immediate feedback as to whether or not you’re balanced during your putt.

Simply grab a yard stick or something similar and place it on the ground. Stand on top of it and ensure the stick pass through the middle of your feet. Set up as if you were putting and go through a few different motions. The weight should be in the middle of your feet (the arches) as you are making the putting stroke to ensure you are balanced during your putt.

An off-balance putting stroke can result in alignment and direction of the putter head being less than ideal, meaning you make less putts when you’re off balance.

Bowling Alley Drill

The Bowling Alley Canon is a great drill for practicing your alignment and accuracy, and as a bonus – you can do this one at home, in the office or out on the practice green.

Grab two alignment sticks or shafts and place them on the ground like a bowling alley, not too far apart.

Drop a ball towards the start of the alley and then drop another a few feet back. The goal of the drill is to put your ball towards the alley ball, directing it through the alley and towards the end without hitting the sides.

Once you putt the ball, bring it back to the original position and try and hit it again to move it forward. The ideal scenario is that you hit solid, consistent putts that strike the center of the ball and move the ball through the alley.

Operation Drill

The Favorite Putting Drills of Influential Golf Instructors

Debbie Doniger – A top 50 Golf Digest Instructors.

Debbie’s favorite putting drills are focused on center contact. An example she shared was to use the blade of your 7 iron to drill connecting with the ball in the center.

Tony Ruggiero – Lead Instructor, Dewsweepers Golf School.

Tony’s favorite putting drill is to use Robert Jackins’s Putt Commander and do your full putting routine on practice putts of all lengths instead of just whacking putts.

Simon Fagan – Full time Golf Instructor for the last 14 years, including for Hank Haney.

Simon’s favorite putting drill are pull backs. Putt 18 holes from 20+ feet. If the putt is not inside the length of the grip of your putter, pull the ball back one club length. Keep your score and see how much you can improve.

Mark Immelman – Head Golf Coach at Columbus State and host of the On the Mark podcast.

To practice good contact Mark’s favorite drill is to practice striking a coin instead of a ball. This is to find the correct low point since contact impacts both the speed and line of a putt.

Doug Alexander – Master Golf Instructor for Hank Haney.

Doug’s favorite putting drill is to put tees 40 feet apart on a practice green and lag 10 balls back and forth with the goal of keeping the balls within a putter length of the tees.