Cleveland Smart Square TFi

The Odyssey Two-Ball putter is one of the most popular clubs of all time, and this Cleveland Smart Square TFI putter takes a similar direction to that design. However, as the name would indicate, the alignment aids on the top of the putter head, in this case, are square rather than round. Looking down from address, you will see two squares lined up behind the ball, with the idea being that you will have an easier time picking out correct alignment with these squares guiding your eyes properly.

Does it work? That’s going to have to be for you to decide. To be sure, some golfers will see a benefit in terms of their alignment when they use the Smart Square TFi. Other golfers, maybe not so much. Putting is a very individual element of the game, so your results with a specific putter are going to vary wildly from other players on the course. If you are at all interested in this putter, the best thing to do is try it out for yourself before coming to a final decision.

Moderate Price Point

In terms of price, this putter typically retails for around $200, putting it right in line with many of the other mallet putters on the market. For that money, you get a putter which features a copolymer insert designed for softer feel when the ball comes off the club face. This is another point that is individual when it comes to preference. Some golfers love the soft feel of a putter with an insert, while others prefer the crisp and clean feel of metal striking the ball. Decide which is your preferred option, and then find a putter that suits your tastes.

Open to New Ideas

If you have an open mind in terms of club design and you are looking for a putter that will help you get aligned properly, the Smart Square TFi is one worth a second look. Cleveland might not have the same name recognition in the putter world as Scotty Cameron or Odyssey, but they are capable of producing a quality product nonetheless.

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