Encino and Balboa Golf Courses

The Encino and Balboa Golf Courses are located at the same facility in Encino, California. This is a City of Los Angeles Golf facility, and each is a full-size course with plenty of challenge to offer the serious golfer. The Balboa coarse stretches beyond 6,600 yards from the back tees thanks to a 2008 renovation, and Encino course can go beyond 6,900 yards when played from the tips.

One of the best things about heading out to Encino/Balboa is the presence of 36 holes on the property. This is especially handy if you are deciding to play at the last minute and have not made a tee time. With two courses to pick from, your chances of getting out in a reasonable amount of time are increased as compared to heading to a facility with just one course.

Reasonable Rates!

As you certainly know, playing golf anywhere in Southern California is often an expensive proposition. That isn’t the case at Encino and Balboa, however. For residents, the rate is just $40 on weekends and holidays, which is a bargain compared to most of the competition. Of course, as municipal facilities, they may not be quite as manicured as a luxury resort, but they still deliver great value. To get out and enjoy a round of golf with your buddies without breaking the bank, it is hard to do better in the greater L.A. area.

Access from Anywhere

Okay – so maybe not anywhere, but you can get to the Encino and Balboa Golf Courses from a variety of locations around Los Angeles. The courses are located at the northwest corner of the intersection of I-405 and the 101, meaning you can come west from Pasadena, north from Santa Monica, east from Thousand Oaks, and on and on. Of course, no one can do anything about the traffic problem, so pick and choose your tee times wisely.

Encino for a Challenge

If you are a serious golfer and you would like to test yourself, picking the Encino course would be your best bet. In addition to being approximately 300 yards longer, it is also rated almost two strokes more difficult. Specifically, the par threes stand to present a serious test, so your long iron game better be ready to go. With that said, the Balboa course is no pushover. It still features a course rating over 70 and enough yardage to make you pay attention.

In all, heading to Encino or Balboa Golf Course for a day on the links under the Southern California sun is a great decision. You might not find the luxury that is offered at some of the resorts around the region, but you also aren’t going to find greens fees that are in excess of $100. For a moderate price and a convenient location, these courses are a great option.

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