Epic Golf Fails

There is no Fail In Golf Fail. That’s the lie we tell ourselves each time we fall over after a swing – which, let’s face it, is way too often! It’s how we keep brave after the ball ricochets off a tree and knocks us out cold. Let’s face it, at Grumpy Gopher some of us handle our golf fails better than others. This toddler’s tantrum about missing his put is pretty standard for me. Like us, he just wants to live to be an old man. How can that happen so long as we play this cursed game?

Fail Indoors

Okay, so this kid is not failing per se. In fact his swings look pretty good. But what you don’t see is that his balls are hitting precious valuables and his dad in the face.

If He Can Do It

So can you. It’s just a putt.  So we’re classifying this as a fail because we know this dog has a better short game than most Grumpy Gophers. But if you practice your short stroke like Rex here does and you’ll be sinking putts in no time. The best part is that you’ll do it without ever having an accident on the green. (If we can’t trust you with that, let’s have a talk after the show.)

Make It Funky 

If there just can’t be two of you, you’ll have to make that bold impression all by your sweet self. One of the best ways to do that is through an amazingly garish golf outfit. You’ll be the talk of the club, and might even make some opponent have a seizure. Hey – it’s all about winning!

Don’t Let the Water Intimidate You


While we’re at it, don’t let the high grass bother you, either. Either way, if you can’t find a way to keep your composure, at least try to keep your balance. You’ll play better golf when you’re not a Grumpy Golfer, and going face-first into the mud never helped out anybody’s mood.

 Just Be Sure To Steer Clear 


You don’t want one of those bargain basement store, off-the-shelf golf carts with the Dummy Steering Wheel, like these poor sub-mariners. Run silent, run deep!

Sometimes You Gotta Go Gangsta


After an especially bad shot, why not let your driver take the heat for the fact that you suck at golf? It’ll show your passion, and everyone will be impressed.

Hold On Tight! 

Sometimes passion for the game has nothing to do with your flying club. Golf and fried chicken for lunch: two good

When The Going Gets Tough 


Maybe badminton is your game.