Best Golf Clubs for Seniors

Golf is a game that is great for senior players. Golf courses all across the country are filled with seniors because it is a great way to spend time outdoors, maintain and create friendships, be physically active, stay competitive, and more. If you are heading into your senior years – or you are already there – golf is a great way to keep yourself busy. If you’re shopping for a set of clubs, we’ve complied this guide on the best golf clubs for seniors.

Of course, aging comes along with some specific challenges, and you might not quite be able to swing the club in the same manner that you did in your earlier days. If that is true, picking up a set of senior golf clubs should be one of your top priorities. Senior clubs include softer shafts and a lighter overall weight, meaning they are easier to swing and easier on your body than clubs designed for younger golfers. Don’t worry – you can still play great golf with senior equipment. In fact, by having equipment in your bag that is well suited to your capabilities that this point in life, you will be more likely to find success on the course.

Below is a list of some of the best senior golf clubs on the market today. If you are starting your search for some senior gear, this is a great place to begin.

Orlimar Men’s Sport Fireline GI

To kick off our list, we are going to look at a set from Orlimar, a name that has been around the game of golf for quite some time. If you have much experience with golf and golf equipment, you probably remember the Orlimar fairway woods that were rather popular more than a decade ago. This set offers much of the same quality and performance found in those previous models, however these clubs are aimed at the senior player.

The set includes a driver, three wood, four hybrid, five hybrid, 6-PW irons, and a putter. Each of the clubs is fitted with a senior flex graphite shaft, which should suit your needs nicely. There is also an included stand bag, which will make it easy to walk or ride the course, depending on your preference. Head covers also come standard with this set, as does a double carry padded strap to make carrying these clubs a bit easier on your shoulders. Thanks to a combination of playability and power, these clubs are likely to help you move your game to the next level in short order.

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Majek Golf All Hybrid Set

Many senior players have difficulty hitting their irons, since iron shots require plenty of speed to keep the club moving through the turf nicely at impact. With that in mind, this senior men’s set from Majek includes all hybrid clubs to simplify the game for you in your senior years. This full set of hybrid clubs comes in a variety of lofts and lengths so you can cover just about any shot necessary as you go around the course.

As you would expect, these clubs all include graphite shafts to help you achieve higher swing speed and to make it easier to get the ball up in the air. Senior sized grips have also been installed on the clubs, which can be particularly helpful for those who struggle with arthritis in their hands. From top to bottom, this is simply a set that has been created with the senior golfer in mind. Before you pick a set to put in your bag going forward, be sure to at least take a look at this interesting option.

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Petite Senior Women’s Majek Golf Clubs All Ladies Hybrid Set

This is a very similar set of clubs to the one list above, with the exception that this set has been designed specifically for ladies. Female senior golfers have a specific set of needs that have to be matches by their clubs of choice if they are going to be able to live up to their potential on the course. With this set from Majek, the senior lady player should be able to make a swing that gets the ball up into the air with ease. There are ladies’ graphite shafts in these hybrid clubs, and a total of eight clubs are included with the set.

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Linksman Golf Men’s X9 Senior Flex Complete Graphite Golf Club Set

This is another complete set that is a great way for the average senior golfer to outfit their equipment needs for a fair price. The set offered by Linksman includes a driver, fairway woods, irons, and a bag. Senior flex shafts are included with this purchase, meaning you won’t have to work too hard to bend the shaft appropriately on the way into impact. Also, the iron heads in this set have a wide sole which will help you avoid hitting your shots fat as you get down to impact.

Another one of the promising features of this set is the offset design to the irons that are included. Offset means that the face of the club head is set back slightly from the shaft, which gives you more time to release the club head through the hitting area – in other words, it will be easier to avoid a slice when you are swinging offset clubs. Since the slice is something that affects an incredible number of golfers, there is a good chance that you will be able to benefit from the use of clubs with an offset design.

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In addition to the sets that we have listed above, it is important to understand that you can shop for most ‘regular’ clubs as a senior golfer, as it is always an option to have senior shafts installed in any clubs that you happen to like. That means that you don’t necessarily need to be restricted to shopping in the ‘senior’ section – rather, feel free to check out any clubs that might grab your attention, and simply make sure that you wind up with the right shafts to allow the clubs to perform properly. Also, senior grips can be installed to just about any club, so that is always an option as well, if necessary. Good luck finding the right clubs for your game, and play well out there!