Best Golf Lessons in Anaheim

Looking for golf lessons in Anaheim? Grumpy Gopher is golf’s most comprehensive nationwide ranking of golf instructors. We’ve identified the best instructors who fix golf swings near you in Anaheim.

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Robert L. Nunn

PGA Teaching Professional, Quiet Mind Golf Certified Instructor, Golf Equipment Fitting, Building, and Repair, PTSD and Core Dynamics Counselor, Public and Motivational Speaker,Executive Coach and Consultant


Brandon L. Lesher

Brandon Lesher is a PGA Professional in Anaheim, CA. The PGA of America comprises nearly 29,000 PGA Professionals with one singular goal in mind - to make the game of golf more enjoyable for you.


Joseph V. DeLeon

Joseph DeLeon is a PGA Professional in Anaheim, CA.


Toby B. Todd

Toby B. Todd is a PGA Professional in Anaheim, CA. Working full-time as a Head Golf Professional at Dad Miller Golf Club in Anaheim, CA.


Michael K Lautenbach

Michael Lautenbach is a PGA Professional in Anaheim, CA.

Anaheim Golf Lessons

Having a golf lesson from the best instructor in Anaheim will make a huge difference to your game. The problem is that a good instructor can be hard to find. Especially if you’re looking in the wrong place.'s Golf Directory is the best place to find golf lessons in Anaheim with the best instructors. It’s an online directory dedicated to golf instruction with thousands of instructors from thousands of golf courses.

Beginners Golf Lessons in Anaheim

It makes a big difference to have someone show you the basics in person. If you are able to take a lesson from a pro, it is highly encouraged and will save you from learning bad habits that you will need to unlearn later. Lessons typically cost between $50 and $100 per hour, but some can cost 5 to 10x that. You don’t need to use the same coach as the pros use to get started, just someone to show you the basics. Use to find beginners golf lessons in Anaheim.

Kids Golf Lessons in Anaheim

It is great for children to get started with golf lessons before they turn 10 years old. You are improving your child socially, physically, and mentally all at the same time. Grumpy Gopher's directory features golf instructors in Anaheim that offer golf lessons for kids of all ages and abilities. The directory helps parents find the perfect golf lessons for their children based on location, price, and availability. It features a user-friendly and intuitive search interface that allows for easy searching and comparison of golf lessons. The search results are displayed on Grumpy Gopher with the contact information for each golf instructor in Anaheim.

Cost of Golf Lessons in Anaheim

How much does a golf lesson in Anaheim cost? What’s the average price for a golf lesson in Anaheim? Is there a way to get cheap golf lessons in Anaheim? The answers to these questions are hard to find. It usually depends on the golf instructor, the part of Anaheim you live in, and the time you choose to take the lesson. The price of a golf lesson is definitely not expensive, but it’s not cheap either. You can expect to pay from $25 to $100 for one lesson in Anaheim. The average price is around $50 in the United States. The majority of the golfers are interested in cheap golf lessons. You can find a lot of offers on the Internet. For example, you can pay as low as $25 to $35 for one hour of golf lesson. You can also find online courses with a lot of videos that teach you how to play golf from the scratch. Of course, these courses are cheaper than one-hour private lessons.

Best Golf Instructor in Anaheim

It's hard to say who is the best golf instructor in Anaheim since it is so subjective for your individual needs. The Grumpy Gopher golf instructor directory is inteded to help you find the best instructor for your game by helping you to narrow the list. Ask your friends and playing partners for referrals to golf coaches. Ask them about pricing, reputation, location, and how they improved after working with the coach.