Brainstorm Golf Happy Putter

Interested in taking a turn away from the ‘standard’ golf brands in favor of something new and different? The Brainstorm Golf Happy Putter may be perfect for you. This is a unique product that has grabbed on to the concept of adjustable clubs and moved it into the putting space.

While nearly every driver on the market today is adjustable, this is one of the first putters to use that same idea. The Happy Putter is available in both mallet and blade versions, and each is highly customizable based on your needs and preferences.

Quality Materials

The face and body of this putter are made from CNC machined aluminum, so you should be able to expect that satisfying ‘click’ at impact that so many golfers love. With a blue body and green face, however, this is not a putter that is likely to satisfy the eye of a golf purist.

It is a modern aesthetic that comes with this putter, so take a good look at its appearance before placing an order. That isn’t to say that it is ugly – there are certain to be plenty of golfers who love the look – it is just an element to consider before committing to this putter.

Speaking of committing to the putter, you are going to have to make a sizeable financial investment to own this club, as the retail price is $279.99 for the standard lengths of 34’’ or 35’’. While that doesn’t make this the most expensive putter on the market – models like the Scotty Cameron X5 are costlier – it is still a serious price to pay for a flat stick.

Value to Be Found

However, on the other side of that price issue is the customization that this putter offers. Instead of having to purchase a new putter if you decide to try a different putting style, you can simply tweak the settings of this club to suit your needs. In the end, that could wind up making it more affordable than some of the putters that run $200 and offer no customization options at all.

You could find that it makes more sense to invest a significant amount of money one time than to keep buying new putters year after year to fit your changing stroke. From that perspective, the Happy Putter from Brainstorm Golf could represent a value that you need to consider.

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