Golf GPS Apps VS. Laser Rangefinders

In addition to GPS Golf Watches or Handheld GPS Devices, GPS Golf Apps are a popular way to get yardages out on the course. GPS Golf Apps have all the same downsides listed above for GPS Watches in addition to a few more relating to cell coverage on the course and the need to have your phone out during your round.

Golf Apps for Measuring DistanceI prefer to unplug from emails, phone calls and text messages while on the course. If you are on your phone the whole round you are bound to get distracted by push notifications from your inbox, SMS, or your favorite non-golf apps.

There are tons of Golf Apps that offer a lot more than just course maps and yardage. Some apps offer discount tee times, handicap tracking or even pair you with other golfers.

Two popular GPS Golf Apps are:


Many of these GPS Golf Apps are compatible with  Apple Watches and Android Wearables. Assuming you already have a smartwatch, your phone has decent coverage on the course and you don’t mind being distracted by push notifications from Facebook making sure you don’t miss that your aunt just posted a picture of her salad, a GPS Golf App is an inexpensive solution to getting a rough sense of yardage out on the course.


gps golf apps suck power

GPS Golf Apps suck a ton of power. App developers have been integrating power-saving features in their GPS Golf App, but if you aren’t careful your phone will die before the end of your round and you will be left in the dark on yardage. Also, most cell phones are not water-resistant. You will need to get a protective case for any wet days out on the course.

GPS Golf Apps are not able to calculate the slope. If you want slope, you will need to get a laser rangefinder.

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