De Bell Golf Course

De Bell Golf Course is located in Burbank, California, and it is a par 71 layout which offers a short track at just over 5,600 yards from the back tees. This is a great option for beginning golfers and those who are still working on their skills. The course rating of 68.9 for men playing the blue tees isn’t going to test the accomplished player, but it is great for the more casual golfer.

You Never Know

Since this golf course is located in Burbank, it is near to the entertainment industry, and as such it has been known to see its share of stars roaming the fairways. When you decide to make a tee time at De Bell, you never really know who you might see during your round. With that said, this is not a course that demands a huge green fee for access to the first tee – even a weekend round for a non-resident is just $40, and the rates go down from there.

Golf with a View

One of the best things about playing golf at De Bell is the views that can be enjoyed from around the course. It is best to think of these views as ‘classic’ Southern California – it is tree lined course with some peeks at the surrounding hills. Even if your game isn’t up to par for the day, you should still find yourself having an enjoyable time.

Don’t Take It for Granted

As mentioned above, the relatively short yardage of this course makes it suitable for beginning golfers – however, that doesn’t mean it is completely without its challenges. There are plenty of places to lose golf balls, so you will want to put a premium on accuracy if you would like to avoid donating several balls to the course.

If you find yourself looking for a game in the vicinity of Burbank, you would do well to check out De Bell. This course provides challenge in the way of tight fairways, yet gives golfers a break due to is lack of length. Considering the reasonable rates that can be enjoyed at this municipal facility, you are unlikely to leave disappointed.

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