Rancho Park Golf Club

Rancho Park Golf Club

Rancho Park Golf Course is a municipal course with quite a history. Far from your average city-owned public course, this is a track which has hosted some impressive events over the years – such as the Los Angeles Open, the USGA Public Links, the Senior Tour, and more. Located between Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, this course is accessible from a number of spots around Los Angeles, although heading for the course during rush hour would obviously be a major challenge.

Room to Play

Many of the golf courses that you find within big cities – whether in L.A. or other metropolitan areas, tend to be short on yardage because land is so expensive. That is not the case at Rancho Park. When you tee it up here, you will find more than 6,800 yards to challenge your game from the black tees. However, if you aren’t quite up to that kind of a test, you can move forward to the blue tees at just over 6,400, or the white tees at just over 6,000. The variety of tee boxes here means that you should be able to pick out a set that suits your skill level nicely.

Reasonably Priced

Considering some of the other courses in the area include the exclusive Los Angeles Country Club and Bel-Air Country Club, it is a downright steal to play golf at Rancho Park for just $43 as a resident on the weekend. The weekday rates go down from there, and even non-residents can play for less than $50.

Practice Facility

No time to play a full round but would still like to get in some swings? Rancho Park offers a driving range where you can fine tune your swing for the next time you do get to tee it up. Also, there is an instruction program if you choose to seek the help of a teaching professional.

If you play any golf in and around the L.A. area, you have to play Rancho Park at least a few times. This is a classic municipal course in one of the biggest cities in the world, and it has a history that any golfer should appreciate. Whether you are an accomplished and experienced player, or you are just getting started, there is something for everyone at Rancho.

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El Cariso Golf Course

Located in Sylmar, California, El Cariso Golf Course is a County of Los Angeles facility which offers an executive length 18-hole golf course. If you are in the area and in the mood for a quick round of golf around a short track, El Cariso is a good option. The course is located near Los Angeles Mission College, just a short distance north off of the 210.

Keep It Fun!

Golf is supposed to be fun, and many players have been reminded of that fact when they play El Cariso. Sure, it doesn’t have the 7,000+ yard layout of a championship style course, but so what? As far as spending a day out under the sun goes, you can have a great time on this par 62 design. The social part of the game is another important part of having fun on the golf course, and this is a good place to bring your friends of all skill levels. If you have a group of friends who all golf but don’t necessarily all have the game to play a bigger course, choosing El Cariso could make everybody happy.

Save Some Cash

You aren’t going to have to take out a second mortgage on your house to play at El Cariso, which is part of the reason why it is so much fun to play. Even on the weekend the rate is less than $32, and you can play for just $24 during the week. It is hard to get onto a golf course for that kind of price these days, so this is a welcome opportunity to hit the links for a modest cost.

Get Started

If you are just getting started in golf, this is exactly the kind of course that you should be hoping to find. The short layout will not be as demanding on your developing skills as a long course would be, and there will be many others around you who are just learning the ropes. There will be plenty of time to play longer courses later if you so choose, but getting started by learning the game at El Cariso is a perfect option.

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Hansen Dam Golf Course

The Hansen Dam Golf Course is a City of Los Angeles facility, and it offers some of the best views that can be had on a golf course in the region. The golf course is located in Pacoima, which is just to the north and west from Pasadena and Burbank. At more than 6,600 yards from the back tees with a par of 72, this is a full-size golf course with the ability to challenge almost any player. As a testament to the difficulty of this layout, the course rating of 71.8 and slope of 121 prove that you will need to bring your ‘A’ game to score well.

Don’t Break the Bank

Are you tired of having to spend close to $100 – or more – in order to play golf anywhere in the greater L.A. area? You should consider heading out to Hansen Dam. Even non-residents will only have to pay $45 on the weekends to play 18 holes, while residents will pay $40 – and the rates are even more affordable during the week. Of course, Hansen Dam is not a luxury resort property, but it is more than capable of offering you a wonderful day on the links for a fair price.

Up and Down

The elevation change that is experienced on the Hansen Dam golf course is one of the many things that keeps it interesting from the first shot to the last. If you are tired of playing flat tracks that get a little boring after a few holes, check out the variety that is present on this layout. Also, in contrast to some of the other area municipal courses which are short on space, there is a little more room off the tee to enjoy at this course. Nobody enjoys losing golf balls, and you just might be able to keep a couple more of them in your pocket at Hansen Dam.

Short on Time?

As an added bonus, Hansen Dam often allows for back nine play early in the morning if you only have time for nine before heading off to work. You will need to check with the course to make sure this is possible on the day you have in mind, but playing a quick nine in the morning is a great way to get your day off to a good start without taking up several hours of your time.

Golfers who would like to play a full-size course with plenty of challenge and also a bit of room off the tee will enjoy the Hansen Dam experience. As a municipal course, Hansen Dam provides golfers with fair rates while still delivering on an enjoyable day of golf. Have fun!

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Knollwood Country Club

Knollwood Golf Course, also known as Knollwood Country Club, is a daily fee golf course is Southern California. Specifically, the course is located in beautiful Granada Hills, which is conveniently located near to I-5 and I-405 – so it is relatively easy to reach from all around the L.A. area. In addition to its convenient location, another positive mark for this course is the reasonable rates. Golf in So. Cal can be expensive, but even the weekend rates at Knollwood stay below $40.

Wonderful Layout

New and experienced golfers alike will appreciate the layout of the Knollwood course, which stretches out to 6,373 yards from the back tees, and plays to a par 72. The course rating is 70.1 for men playing from the back tees, meaning the course is not too difficult overall. However, with a slope rating of 123, there is a bit of challenge to be had as you make your way from the first tee to the last green. Specifically, there is a long par 5 waiting at #4 which tests players from 584 yards. Also, the first hole is rated as the hardest hole on the course, a par four playing from 429.

Play the Angles

The design of the Knollwood course keeps play interesting with the use of doglegs and tree-lined fairways. Of course, experienced golfers know that this combination can also lead to something else – lost golf balls. You will need to be careful as you make your way around Knollwood if you are going to finish with nearly as many balls as you had in your bag at the start.

Those who play Knollwood on a regular basis appreciate the conditioning of the grass at this public course – which is not always something that can be said about courses around Southern California. It is also a pretty course from an aesthetic standpoint, due in large part to its wonderful location in scenic Granada Hills. This just might be one of the prettiest areas around Los Angeles, and you will likely find it to be a wonderful location for a round of golf.

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De Bell Golf Course

De Bell Golf Course is located in Burbank, California, and it is a par 71 layout which offers a short track at just over 5,600 yards from the back tees. This is a great option for beginning golfers and those who are still working on their skills. The course rating of 68.9 for men playing the blue tees isn’t going to test the accomplished player, but it is great for the more casual golfer.

You Never Know

Since this golf course is located in Burbank, it is near to the entertainment industry, and as such it has been known to see its share of stars roaming the fairways. When you decide to make a tee time at De Bell, you never really know who you might see during your round. With that said, this is not a course that demands a huge green fee for access to the first tee – even a weekend round for a non-resident is just $40, and the rates go down from there.

Golf with a View

One of the best things about playing golf at De Bell is the views that can be enjoyed from around the course. It is best to think of these views as ‘classic’ Southern California – it is tree lined course with some peeks at the surrounding hills. Even if your game isn’t up to par for the day, you should still find yourself having an enjoyable time.

Don’t Take It for Granted

As mentioned above, the relatively short yardage of this course makes it suitable for beginning golfers – however, that doesn’t mean it is completely without its challenges. There are plenty of places to lose golf balls, so you will want to put a premium on accuracy if you would like to avoid donating several balls to the course.

If you find yourself looking for a game in the vicinity of Burbank, you would do well to check out De Bell. This course provides challenge in the way of tight fairways, yet gives golfers a break due to is lack of length. Considering the reasonable rates that can be enjoyed at this municipal facility, you are unlikely to leave disappointed.

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Encino and Balboa Golf Courses

The Encino and Balboa Golf Courses are located at the same facility in Encino, California. This is a City of Los Angeles Golf facility, and each is a full-size course with plenty of challenge to offer the serious golfer. The Balboa coarse stretches beyond 6,600 yards from the back tees thanks to a 2008 renovation, and Encino course can go beyond 6,900 yards when played from the tips.

One of the best things about heading out to Encino/Balboa is the presence of 36 holes on the property. This is especially handy if you are deciding to play at the last minute and have not made a tee time. With two courses to pick from, your chances of getting out in a reasonable amount of time are increased as compared to heading to a facility with just one course.

Reasonable Rates!

As you certainly know, playing golf anywhere in Southern California is often an expensive proposition. That isn’t the case at Encino and Balboa, however. For residents, the rate is just $40 on weekends and holidays, which is a bargain compared to most of the competition. Of course, as municipal facilities, they may not be quite as manicured as a luxury resort, but they still deliver great value. To get out and enjoy a round of golf with your buddies without breaking the bank, it is hard to do better in the greater L.A. area.

Access from Anywhere

Okay – so maybe not anywhere, but you can get to the Encino and Balboa Golf Courses from a variety of locations around Los Angeles. The courses are located at the northwest corner of the intersection of I-405 and the 101, meaning you can come west from Pasadena, north from Santa Monica, east from Thousand Oaks, and on and on. Of course, no one can do anything about the traffic problem, so pick and choose your tee times wisely.

Encino for a Challenge

If you are a serious golfer and you would like to test yourself, picking the Encino course would be your best bet. In addition to being approximately 300 yards longer, it is also rated almost two strokes more difficult. Specifically, the par threes stand to present a serious test, so your long iron game better be ready to go. With that said, the Balboa course is no pushover. It still features a course rating over 70 and enough yardage to make you pay attention.

In all, heading to Encino or Balboa Golf Course for a day on the links under the Southern California sun is a great decision. You might not find the luxury that is offered at some of the resorts around the region, but you also aren’t going to find greens fees that are in excess of $100. For a moderate price and a convenient location, these courses are a great option.

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